Lithium Battery Advisor

Does your company ship lithium batteries?
The DGIS Lithium Battery Advisor helps you take charge.



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Shipping lithium batteries is a challenging task for many shippers. While regulations help guarantee the safety of shippers, carriers, and the public, the complex nature of lithium batteries can be difficult to navigate. Significant amounts of time and company resources must be invested to ensure the documentation, marking, labeling, and packaging of lithium battery shipments are compliant. This leads to operational headaches and costs that companies cannot afford in today's competitive environment.

Lithium Battery Advisor — The First Tool of Its Kind

Leave nothing to chance: the DGIS Lithium Battery Advisor is the first tool of its kind, developed to simplify the complicated process of shipping lithium batteries by Air, 49 CFR Ground and Rail, and International Maritime. Simple answer a few questions about your battery or device, such as what type of lithium battery is being shipped or whether the battery is contained in equipment. The Lithium Battery Advisor will then produce a shipping guidance document that contains:

  • General instructions
  • Required packaging and labels
  • Sample shipping documentation
  • Labeling and marking diagrams

You will have the information needed to transport your shipment safely and compliantly. And since the Lithium Battery Advisor was developed by our industry-leading team of regulatory experts, you'll have the confidence of knowing our tool is both accurate and comprehensive.

Easy and Accurate

Developed by our industry-leading team of regulatory experts, the Lithium Battery Advisor features a simple interface that's easy to navigate. The advisory documentation produced is comprehensive and detailed, helping ensure that your lithium battery shipments are compliant while reducing your risk of regulatory infractions and delayed shipments in the process.

Enterprise Level Capabilities

For companies that ship batteries from multiple locations, the Lithium Battery Advisor can help standardize and streamline shipping operations. Additionally, users of Labelmaster’s DGIS Enterprise shipping software can integrate the Lithium Battery Advisor outputs into their hazardous parts database. This can help make employees aware of the required packaging, labels and markings for various lithium battery shipments, no matter where they are located.

What to learn more about the Lithium Battery Advisor?

Contact a member of our team by phone at 1-800-578-4955 or by email at or request a demo.

Lithium Battery Advisor Product Features

  • Online tool for lithium battery shipping guidance
  • An easy-to-use interface with simple navigation
  • Information for all types of lithium batteries and cells by air, 49 CFR ground and rail, and international maritime
  • Accurate information to help reduce the potential for fines

The Lithium Battery Advisor is offered at a competitive price of $159.

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