Industry News That May Affect Your Company

Below are recent dangerous goods news articles pertaining either directly to DGIS software, or articles that support the notion of technology facilitating compliance in an ever-complicated dangerous goods regulatory landscape.

March 3, 2017: Optimizing the Lithium Battery Supply Chain
A story about how Omron Adept Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Omron Corporation, faced a major logistics challenge using DGIS was key to their success.
January 23, 2017: DGIS Software Certified as FedEx DG Ready
Labelmaster DGIS Software Certified as FedEx® DG Ready Solution: DGIS Software Toolkit Offers Guidance for Compliance, Packaging, Marking and Labeling FedEx® Shipments
January 3, 2017: IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Updated
IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Updated to Reflect 2017-2018 ICAO Technical Instructions
November 1, 2016: Survey Shows Hazmat Transport Pros Lack Confidence
Dangerous Revelation: Survey shows hazmat transport pros lack confidence that supply chain meets compliance rules. Many new, complex regs, lack of C-Suite focus present challenges.
October 26, 2016: Many Challenges When Shipping Lithium Batteries
Companies shipping defective, damaged lithium batteries face many challenges. The Samsung recall highlights risks involved. Labelmaster offers new economical solution for shipping defective lithium batteries.
May 11, 2016: Frustrated Shipment Cost Calculator
Have you ever wondered how much a frustrated shipment can cost you? Try Labelmaster's Frustrated Shipment Cost Calculator.
April 11, 2016: 10 Tips to Simplifying the CFR Shipping Rules
Even Einstein would have trouble understanding hazardous materials or dangerous goods (DG) regulations, agree 56 percent of respondents to a recent Labelmaster survey - get Labelmaster's 10 Tips to Simplifying the CFR Shipping Rules.
January 8, 2016: 2015 Regulations In Review Infographic
Labelmaster's 2015 Regulation in Review Infographic was mentioned in The Year in Review: Dangerous Goods Shipping Regs article on EBN Online, the premier online community for Global Supply Chain Professionals.
November 13, 2015: Labelmaster Now an IATA Platinum Sales Agent
Labelmaster aims to simplify dangerous goods air shipping compliance with IATA platinum sales agent distribution agreement. Labelmaster, the leading hazardous material transport compliance provider, will offer a full suite of IATA regulatory publications.
October 19,2015: Simplifying the 49 CFR Shipping Rules
In order to ascertain how shippers of hazardous materials are complying with the complex sets of regulations they face, Labelmaster conducted a survey.
October 8, 2015: DGIS Now Certified as Powered by SAP
Labelmaster Software announced today that its Dangerous Goods Information System (DGIS) 2.2 product has achieved SAP certification as powered by the SAP NetWeaver technology platform.
July 14, 2015: Complex Hazmat Transport Regs
Is complying with the multitude of regulations for the transport of hazardous materials – also known as dangerous goods (DG) – truly a challenge?
July 6, 2015: Simplifying the 49 CFR Shipping Rules
When people agree that Einstein might have trouble understanding 49 CFR shipping requirements, the solution is to approach them using a step-by-step process.
June 29, 2015: Common DG Shipping Violations
Labelmaster works to help avoid common dangerous goods shipping violations.
October 5, 2014: Making Hazmat Regulation Compliance Less Hazardous
Failing to comply with hazardous material regulations can result in costly fines. Over the past five years, government agencies issued nearly $50 million in penalties to shippers for compliance violations.