Maintaining Compliance is the Best Way
to Keep Your Company Healthy

In the world of hazardous materials shipping, compliance isn't a one-and-done kind of thing. It's not like a vaccination that protects your business. You have to work on it every day, with every shipment, because the rules are always changing.

Keep your compliance regimen going strong with Labelmaster!

Stock Up On Labels and Stay Compliant

Labelmaster has you covered with all the labels you need to keep your shipments moving and compliant. Regulated shipping labels help prevent mishandling of your shipments, ensuring worry-free, on-time delivery of your dangerous good shipments. Safely transport your lithium battery packages by air with Labelmaster’s Lithium Battery Handling Labels. With the recent changes in lithium battery shipping regulations, these handling labels are required on all packages carrying lithium ion or metal batteries. Now, we also offer labels with the CHEMTREC® emergency contact information pre-printed on the label.

Regulated Shipping Labels

Lithium Battery Handling Labels

Hazard Class Labels


Safely transport your lithium batteries by air with Labelmaster's Lithium Battery Handling Labels preprinted with CHEMTREC® emergency contact information. Available as 120mm x 110mm or 105mm x 74mm, these labels are constructed of semi-gloss paper or weather-resistant PVC-free film. Imprinted with North American and International phone numbers, these labels are in stock and ready to ship. Only companies registered with CHEMTREC® are authorized to use these labels.

Compliance Starts with the Right Packaging

Stay in compliance with the latest hazmat shipping regulations with Labelmaster’s line of UN-certified packaging products. UN packaging has been designed, tested and certified in accordance with 49 CFR, ICAO, International Air Transport and IMDG/IMO requirements. Ship with confidence knowing that your Dangerous Goods are safely secured in fully compliant packaging. Great prices on an assortment of items, including some of our most popular Lithium Battery & Air Bag Shippers!

Variation Two Boxes and Packaging

Battery Boxes and Packaging

Air Bag Packaging

Performance Plus Shippers

Performance Plus® UN packaging delivers exceptional quality and regulatory compliance at an affordable price. Tested by an approved DOT competent authority partner lab with ISO 9001-2008 certification, our Performance Plus® kits give you flexibility since they are available fully assembled or unassembled and can be purchased with or without inner components. All our packaging orders are QA inspected to ensure your items arrive as requested.

Our most popular packaging kits are always in stock and ready to ship the same day as ordered. Need some extra help? Our highly trained team of regulatory specialists and packaging engineers are ready to assist with customized packaging options and guidance on hazmat regulations.

Performance Plus Shippers

173.13 Shipper

Need a specific packaging design? No problem. Our highly trained staff of Regulatory Specialists and Packaging Professionals are ready to get to work designing the perfect solution to meet your expectations. Getting exactly what you're looking for is part of the package deal.

More Packaging — Bottles and Accessories

Glass Bottle

Bottle Caps

Component Accessories

More Packaging — Drums, Cans, and Pails

Steel Drums

Paint Cans and Accessories

UN Plastic Pails

Shipping Supplies That Keep You in the Know

Labelmaster’s Damage Indicators are ideal for determining where and when damage may have occurred to mishandled shipments. These detection devices should be part of your shipping supplies toolset. There are indicators that can sense dropping or tipping during shipment, and temperature tools that tell you whether monitored shipments were exposed to extreme temperatures. Save time and money bringing transportation damage claims to a quick resolution with these handy shipment indicator tools.

Shockwatch® Damage Indicator

WarmMark™ Time/Temperature Tag

2016 Emergency Response Guidebook

The 2016 ERG is the ideal guide to help when responding to transportation emergencies involving hazardous materials. It is a must-have for everyone who handles and transports dangerous goods and hazmat. This guide helps your company comply with the DOT 49 CFR 172.602 requirement that hazmat shipments be accompanied with emergency response information. Don't be caught with the outdated 2012 ERG.

Save on Easy, Compliant Placard Solutions

Ensure compliance when shipping Dangerous Goods with Labelmaster’s selection of hazard class placards. These durable, reliable DOT placards stand up to the elements as they are printed with long-life UV inks that resist peeling, chipping and fading. Placard holders, seals and other accessories to help keep your shipments compliant also are available. Rest assured that once your Dangerous Goods hit the road, you’ve taken the necessary steps to keep them and your business in full compliance. Save up to 20% on the select placards below during the month of June!

Flammable Liquid Placards

Corrosive Placards

Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods Placards

Proper Placard Placement

Hazmat Placard Infographic

Hazmat Placard Infographic Maintaining compliance with Dangerous Goods regulations doesn't stop with packaging and labeling. Shippers need to be aware of placarding requirements before putting their shipments into commerce. This hazmat placard infographic provides a brief overview of the regulations governing the use of DG placards on trucks and trains.

All Signs Point to Safety

Meet your safety signage needs with Labelmaster’s wide selection of Signs. Our signs have the messaging and icons necessary to get your job done right and now select items are 30% off!

Notice Signs

Danger Signs

Tornado Shelter Signs