Sustainability at Labelmaster

Labelmaster is committed to increasing our efforts towards a sustainable, low waste future.

Each day, we strive to improve our environmental sustainability through projects and activities that further our goals.  Whether it's sourcing high quality recycled raw materials or reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing process, a healthy environment and thriving local communities are key. Our commitment to the environment extends to our customers, our team members, and the community in which we operate. We aim to make a big impact with a small footprint through our sustainability efforts – and inspire our partners, colleagues, and consumers to do the same.

Labelmaster continually evaluates and expands our environmental sustainability decisions with the goal of reducing our own carbon footprint and by choosing suppliers with best practices that support the following:

Facility Operations

  • All office lighting was replaced with LED, high-energy efficiency fixtures in 2022.
  • Recycling programs within manufacturing, office, and warehouse result in 73% landfill diversion rate.
  • All windows were replaced with energy efficient panes and sills in 2022.
  • Enable hybrid work arrangements to reduce carbon emissions.

Paper procurement from sustainably managed forests, both domestic and international

  • FSC-Certified (paper-fiber from a deforestation-free source)
  • PEFC (forest-based materials from sustainably managed forests)
  • ISCC (international sustainability and carbon certification)
  • CarbonNeutral® certification on select products
  • Printing processes use solely soy or water-based inks

Product Innovation


Visit These Resources For More Information 

  • Forest Stewardship Council – As the leader in sustainable forestry, FSC® is trusted by NGOs, businesses, and consumers worldwide to protect healthy, resilient forests for all, forever.
  • Mac Tac, A Lintec Company – Simply Sustainable® is more than a brand. It is our initiative to choose environmental best practices so they can be ingrained in everything we do and simply become a part of who we are. And it simply starts with building a culture that values and celebrates responsible innovation.
  • Avery Dennison – Enabling companies globally to use fewer natural resources, cut carbon emissions, reduce waste, and build toward a sustainable future.
  • FLEXcon – Consumers are laser-focused on the environment and demanding more sustainable solutions for the products they buy, and regulatory bodies are seeking ways to minimize the use of plastics and enable their recyclability. For print service providers and equipment manufacturers, that may mean sourcing more eco-friendly materials or rethinking processes.
  • PPG Teslin – Count on PPG TESLIN® substrate to support your sustainability efforts. Sustainable change can come in small steps. Our PPG TESLIN® substrate is one more PPG innovation that can help support our customers’ sustainability goals.