Shipping COVID-19 Vaccines

Ship COVID-19 Vaccines Safely and Compliantly

Shipping and distributing a COVID-19 vaccine
may be complex and challenging. Labelmaster can help.

Labelmaster has Temperature-Controlled Packaging Options
for Vaccine, Category B Infectious Substance, and Dry Ice Shipments

The logistics of shipping and distributing a COVID-19 vaccine may be complex and challenging. Labelmaster can help! These packaging combinations are ideal packaging for shipping COVID-19 vaccine vials and other similar medical samples, specifically those that require a temperature-controlled environment. This packaging can be customized and sized to ship different quantities; use the form below or call us at 1.800.621.5808 to discuss your specifics.

  • Hundreds of frozen and ambient combination packaging options based on temperature requirements, duration, and inner/outer dimension specifications
  • Single and last mile packaging designs
  • Conforms to summer, winter, or universal profiles
  • Certified to ship Category B infectious substances
  • Packaging options that are pre-qualified for dry ice -78°C, frozen, 2° to 8°C, and 15° to 25°C temperature ranges
  • Customized packaging based on your domestic or global shipping lanes
COVID-19 Vaccine Packaging BioFreeze  COVID-19 Vaccine Packaging InTemp Volo
COVID-19 Vaccine Packaging InTemp Portis  COVID-19 Vaccine Packaging InTemp Sepio

In addition to our packaging selection, we also offer labels and markings to help keep your shipments compliant. The UN 1845 hazard class 9 dry ice labels can be personalized with your specific shipment information. Our line of labels and placards for extreme conditions features labels for cold environments that are printed on cryogenic labelstock designed for temperatures as low as -320 degrees Fahrenheit. The labels will stay adhered and endure harsh environment applications including the ability to withstand exposure to liquid nitrogen or ultra-low temperature freezers, thaw cycles, chemicals and solvents.

We also have a full line of COVID-19 Test Kit Shipping Supplies.

Listen to our new podcast on the topic of the huge challenge of shipping COVID-19 vaccines.

Ship Your Vaccines Safely

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